Shhh…Chocolate Secret Revealed

Get some class at this sweet spot.

Couples in need of a romantic fix can fill up their love tanks at Chocolate Secrets.

It’s the ideal get away for an impromptu daytime rendezvous. Or if you want to expand your knowledge -- and quite possible your waistline -- classes in French, making truffles and pairing wines are offered.

A moment on the lips; forever on your hips? Who cares?! Besides, what fun is a secret if you can't share it? Here’s the lowdown on what to expect from one of the most romantic chocolate boutiques around town. 

Chocolate Class:
Learn how to make chocolate from chocolatier Stephen Smith who studied at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. He has created both a modern and rustic line of handmade artisan chocolates, each consisting of 10 flavors to tempt hard to please palates.

Wine Class:
Sommelier Jennifer Ohlson explains the process of wine and chocolate pairing from 7-8 p.m. on Tuesdays. Customers can schedule wine consultations at their homes wherein she even organizes their wine cellars. Appease Bacchus by never buying boxed wine again -- eek!

French Class:
Enjoy complementary French lessons from 5:30-6:30 p.m. on Wednesdays.

Home Made Truffles Recipe From Stephen Smith
200 g  heavy cream
250 g chocolate (61% E. Guittard)
  10 g  unsalted butter (room temp)
    4 g spice (ground ancho chile)

-put chopped chocolate in mixing bowl
-cut butter into small pieces
-add cream and spice to small pot, whisk to combine heat and cream over medium heat just to boil, then pour hot cream over chocolate and let sit for a minute. Using a spatula, slowly stir the mixture starting in the center and once it turns dark in the center, stir entire mixture, add butter, stir to combine and cover. Let sit for several hours, then scoop and roll … let sit for another few hours. Then dip in tempered chocolate, roll in cocoa powder and taste.

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