Chipotle Serves Kids First, Then Oso Closo Fans

Kids meal promotion starts Sunday, "Oso Closo" menu add in the works

You might have already wolfed down a burrito in honor of Denton rock band Oso Closo and constituent Shane Connelly, who are $10,000 and a year's worth of "city Mexican food" richer after dominating the Chipotle ad contest. (If you have no idea what we're blabbing about, the video embedded below is there for you. Be warned: It'll make you hungry.)

When can patrons of DFW locations ask for an Oso Closo and be given a giant burrito full of steak, peppers and onions, black beans, cheese, sour cream, guacamole, roasted chili-corn salsa, and tomato red-chili salsa?

There's no "definite date" yet, writes spokesperson Kathryn Calley, who promises to keep in touch. But, she adds, another promotion starts up Sunday as Chipotle rolls out its new kids menu. If you pick up a burrito, bowl, salad, or tacos on Sundays through October 18, you'll get a kids meal for free.

The kids meals have been tested in Denver and include a make-your-own taco kit. As for the Oso Closo, singer Adrian Hulet told DC9 At Night that he just penned an ode the burrito he always gets, except for an addition of black beans the band deemed reasonable. Was there any question this hearty selection of ingredients would represent Oso Closo appropriately?

In an email, Chris McQueen tells us none of the band members had a principled objection to any of the items, steak included. And, he trusts diners can experience the thrill of shouting the band's name over the counter and still request modifications.

"No one in the band is vegetarian, but I am fond of the veggie burrito, so I've already considered that. I feel fairly confident that your average Chipotle burrito-ista could handle an 'Oso Closo, no steak.' Or an 'Oso Closo bowl' for people that don't necessarily need a giant flour tortilla," McQueen writes.

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