Chicks Rule on Forbes Celebrity 100 List

The top four most powerful celebrities in the world are women, according to Forbes magazine.

Angelina Jolie is at the top of its "Celebrity 100" list. She bumps last year's champ, Oprah Winfrey, down to second, even though Winfrey makes ten times what Jolie does.

That's because Forbes' celebrity power ranking measures media exposure as well as earnings for the past year.

Madonna is third, followed by Beyonce' Knowles, Tiger Woods and Bruce Springsteen.

Steven Spielberg is seventh, Jennifer Aniston is eighth, Brad Pitt is ninth and Kobe Bryant is tenth.

What the El!?! Editorial:

Sort of hard to believe Angelina knocked off Oprah, although I have to say I haven't watch Oprah in about two years and I did talk about her dress in Cannes that was split to "there!"

As for Madonna, really? All that A-Rod talk I guess. I'm surprised Brad Pitt wasn't higher on the list since usually if you talk about Angelina you're talking about Brad!

Check out a slideshow of the celebs here.

(Associated Press)

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