Snuffer's Staff Shares Spirit Stories

Snuffer's spooky spirits leave the staff with plenty of ghost stories

The ghost stories people tell about Snuffer's are eerily similar.

"I felt a firm, physical touch on my leg, come up my leg, and turned around and absolutely nobody was in the room," General Manager Bradley Anderson told us of one experience.

Manager Steve Cole shared his similar run-in. quot;I was counting money. All of a sudden, something touched me on my shoulder. I felt it breathe and picked up the money, put it in the safe, and locked the door and left."

During our visit to Snuffer's, our photographer had weird issues with the camera, the battery on our lavaliere microphone went out, and the flash on our still camera wouldn't function while we tried to capture Snuffer's spooky spirits in the frame.

But that's just our one day experience -- owner Pat Snuffer has heard all the stories...and has some of his own.

"I heard within a span of ten minutes, three different times, I heard two men's footsteps and the bathroom door creaking open but not closed."

It's a story that goes back four decades; a man was allegedly stabbed before stumbling down hallway and falling in the men's restroom...with his lifeless body blocking the door.

"The room -- which it had to be 75 degrees in there -- the room just like this drop 30 rushed through the room toward the front of Greenville Ave," Snuffer told us.

Then there's the story passed on from the former land owners, who said Snuffer's is built atop a children's cemetery. Snuffer says he's heard children giggling -- "Which will put a chill through ya!," he exclaimed -- while others have witnessed more physical manifestations.

"People would see a glass float out into the air, levitate, and then crash to the ground," Anderson says.

Cole explained experiences behind the bar. "Back in the day you could smoke cigarettes, bartender would fire up a cigarette, make his drink and the cigarette would be turned around."

"When we originally opened all the tables had the lights hanging down and they would all move at the same time, and you physically can't do that….Like if you were on a boat," Cole continued.

Snuffer's has enough ghost stories floating around to tempt even the most thick skull-ed skeptics into checking it out.

We asked Anderson if he believed in ghosts before the events that have happened at Snuffer's. "Not necessarily, no," Anderson told us, "It was just a matter of so many things would happen here, that at some point you could not not believe."

Snuffer's staff aren't the only people convinced there is something roaming in the building. The Dallas Area Paranormal Society spent time in the restaurant last year and recorded multiple samples of Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) they claim shows residual sounds of possibly children's voices.

We've linked to these samples below and provided the analysis from DAPS for each as it was provided to Pat Snuffer.

Number 1 -- Pat Snuffer talking with a strange anomalous disturbance over his voice from second 9 - 17 this maybe a screaming EVP, or an anomaly. While we were seated in the new section.
Number 2 -- At 9 seconds you here a little girl say "what is that" followed by a man saying "what". During this time I was doing an Electro Magnetic Field Sweep with the K2 EMF Meter and a Digital Recorder. Close to the front kitchen, by the old bar in the old section.
Number 3 -- One of our members is talking and over her voice at 6-7 seconds you here a little girl say "Mommy". Hallway of the back seating area of the old section.
Number 4 -- From 7 - 8 seconds you here a very close long moan, while we are setting up cameras. Near the Front Bar area in the old section.

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