Cheap Last Chance for Summer Travel

Cash-strapped travelers who thought they'd have to stay home this summer might want to take one last look.

In an effort to boost their sagging bottom lines, airlines and hotels have slashed prices over the upcoming four-day Labor Day weekend.

"Labor Day is one of the cheapest travel weekends so far this year," said Jennifer Gaines, of Travelocity.

Travelocity also found that, on average, prices for plane tickets and hotel rooms are down 15 percent compared with the same time last year.

Here are some examples from Dallas-Fort Worth:

  • Denver:  Airfare down 20 percent.  Hotels down 23 percent.
  • Los Angeles: Airfare down 10 percent.  Hotels down 17 percent.
  • New York City:  Airfare down 14 percent.  Hotels down 20 percent.

However, Gaines warns that the deals won't last forever.

"We haven't seen prices go up just yet. But chances are, prices will start creeping up into the fall and into the winter," she said.

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