Celebs, Couture, and Cowboys at Leadership Gala

Dallas' Leadership Gala is sure to be one of the hottest parties in town, and we recently caught up with the founder of the inaugural event to find out about the stylish soiree.  Oh, and did we mention that he and some of his fellow committee members are  moments from becoming the city’s most famous residents as the cast of Bravo’s new show,Most Eligible: Dallas?

Matt Nordgren, the evening’s host and creator of the Gala, and Courtney Kerr, one of the party’s co-hosts and future reality star along with Nordgren, filled us in on what the Leadership Gala and the Heroes Foundation (the beneficiary of the Gala) means to them, and of course, who will be dressing them for the glam event.

Who is your personal hero and why?
Matt Nordgren:
“My personal hero has and always will be my father.”
Courtney Kerr: “My personal hero is my mother. She defines selflessness, grace, humility and poise. I can only hope and pray that I become half the amazing woman she is. And besides, she survived raising me...talk about heroic!!”

How did you get involved with the Leadership Gala 2011?
M.N.:  "Leaders throughout my life have inspired me to create this event.  It’s all about giving back, supporting the community and inspiring its leaders to do more.”
C.K.: “I got involved thanks to Matt! He’s the founder of the Leadership Gala and one of my dearest friends. I could not be more proud to support him and his charitable efforts!”

What  or who will you be wearing to the big event and how does it represent your personal style?
“I am wearing a custom suit made by my dear friend Raja Ratan, who owns Q Custom Clothier.  Raja has been making my pants and jackets for years.  He helps to represent my style because of the athletic fit that my outfits resemble.  My height and build makes it very tough to ever find clothes that fit right unless custom made.”
C.K.: “I will be wearing a custom dress by Dallas-based designer, Amber Venz. The dress will be accented with a handmade raw leather harness by New York designer, Zana Bayne. I love having fun, and being playful and bold with fashion! My personality always comes out in my wardrobe...two-parts flirty, one-part sexy! And wearing something that someone else has? Talk about a fashion no-no!”

Who are you most looking forward to seeing/meeting at the Gala?
M.N.: “I am most looking forward to seeing all my old teammates from the University of Texas playing days.  We are family…brothers….and we just don’t get to see each other near enough.”
C.K.: “I heard a rumor that Dennis Haskins, the actor who played Mr. Belding on Saved by the Bell will be there! What a special treat...I feel like he practically raised me, as I spent year and years of my youth watching him on TV!”

The Leadership Gala is happening tonight at The Room on Main, 2030 Main Street, and a few tickets are still available through their website if you want to drop by the star-studded event, which is expected to draw guests including Dallas Cowboy and party co-chair, Terence Newman.

Major acts like Dallas’ Hunter Sullivan will be on hand to entertain guests, and of course, there’s the chic after-party at PM Lounge downtown. To keep up with the cast of Most Eligible: Dallas, look for their show to premiere on Bravo this August.

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