McConaughey Meets with Bush in Dallas?

Actor spotted in Dubya's office building

"All right, all right, all right" -- looks like Matthew McConaughey was all business in Dallas, apparently meeting with former President George W. Bush in his office on Berkshire Lane.

DallasDirt's Candy Evans caught the meeting first hand, and tells us McConaughey was "wearing faded 501 jeans, a white cotton button down, [and] had a leather satchel tossed  over his shoulder."

The sightings didn't quite stop at that, though. A DallasDirt commentor said he shared a Newark to DFW flight with the "Sahara" star and claims "he’s a very nice personable guy."

Of course, with any McConaughey story, we had to attach Brendan Higgin's impression of the star ... check it below.

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