Cat Fight, Literally!

A "Project Runway" finalist is accused of using her cat as a weapon during a spat with her ex-fiance.
Kenley Collins told the New York Post that the Brooklyn police report exaggerated the incident. She calls it "a miscommunication."
According to the Post and Daily News, Zak Penley told authorities Collins woke him Tuesday by tossing the cat in his face. He said the cat-apault was followed by a laptop toss. Three apples and some water also made it into the mix.
Penley called 911; Collins was charged with assault.
Collins had a sharp-tongued reputation on the Bravo TV fashion-design competition.
Penley, an artist and musician, wrote a song called "CAT?" for Collins' "Runway" finale.

What the El!?! Editorial:

Kenley's boyfriend's last name is Penley? That would be funny if they got married and she took his name… Kenley Penley!

As for the charges, that's what she gets for being mean to super nice Tim Gunn. Karma Kenley, Karma.

(Associated Press)

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