Carpet Cleaning the Green Way

With spring right around the corner, you may be thinking about a good home cleaning.

At least one North Texas company says there is a way to get your home and carpets spotless -- the green way.

Zerorez uses what it calls "empowered water" in its cleaning process.

"One thing we do not do is use soaps, detergents, things that actually become dirt magnets," said John Hopkins, of Zerorez.

It's one of the reasons Jeffry Farrell uses the company to help keep his Park Cities Yoga studio clean.

"Their (yoga clients) health is a main priority for me, and so people who have allergies or chemical sensitivity, I'm conscious of them," Farrell said.

The process is used on many surfaces including stone, ceramics, windows, mirrors and more.

"It does not leave any residue," Hopkins said. "It cleans like a detergent, but without all the toxicity and the problems that detergents cause."

Farrell said that gives him peace of mind.

"When I heard about these guys, I was anxious to give them a try, and it worked for me, and they became a regular part of my business," he said.

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