Dodie's Gives Greenville Some Cajun Flair

Louisiana style cooking finds home in Dallas

Longtime Greenville Ave. stalwart Dodie's Seafood Cafe serves up some Cajun flair with it's New Orleans-inspired seafood.

Businessman Charley McGuiness and his son opened the new Dodie’s Seafood Cafe next to The Blue Goose Cantina at Greenville and Goodwin five blocks away from the original.

“We’ve been here, we moved up here from New Orleans in '89. Been here on lower Greenville  down the street actually, the original place which is still open,” said McGuiness.

Dodie’s is as much a part of the storied road as most other establishments around.

“It’s really neat. Especially this patio right on the street on Greenville you know. I’m sure you know that Greenville, at one time, was the main street through Dallas. It was a main highway. Ran from where ever to Greenville, Texas and before Central this was it before 75. You know, there is a lot of history down here. It’s a great, great neighborhood,” said McGuiness.

You can enjoy your meal at Dodie's in any number of places. You can sit inside, on the patio outside, or on the rooftop patio. Whichever you choose, the atmosphere is the same.

“You know laid back New Orleans-y, south Louisiana, Cajun, whatever that really means. It’s a buzz word, but shorts, you need to have shoes on obviously, but it’s really that type of place you know casual. The food is our strong suit. It’s the original recipes. We do all the cooking. Everything is made from scratch,” said McGuiness.

McGuiness’s favorite appetizer is the Shrimp Remoulade made with freshly cooked shrimp, lettuce and a mustard remoulade sauce. His favorite entrées are the Crawfish Etoufee and the Oyster Poorboy.

As much as McGuiness enjoys the food, it’s the customers he values most.

“We’ve got third generation people coming back again. You know, they’ve come in with their parents as little babies and they’ve gotten grown and gotten married and their own children and they are coming in. You know, so, it’s pretty special,” said McGuiness.

“Just to have a place on lower Greenville Avenue for 22 years says something and we are very proud of that,” said McGuiness.

Even with the success of the new restaurant, the family plans on keeping the original Dodie’s open. It will take the opportunity to change the name and tweak the menu so no matter which restaurant you dine at the experience will be unique.

Dodie’s Seafood Cafe (The Original)
2129 Greenville Ave
Dallas, TX
(214) 821-8890

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