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With Texas Tarts, punk jewelry doesn't have to be disposable

Where does the insatiable vinyl collector go after their bins are full?

They could find a new supplier -- or an ideological opposite -- in Jacky Sylvie of Texas Tarts, who recycles old albums to make earrings, necklaces, cuffs and belt buckles that feature the addictive sheen of recorded history.

Concerned music fans uncomfortable with the warping of perfectly good wax should know up front that some works are spared by default. If Sylvie comes across records by the Beatles or Elvis on her Ebay and Craigslist hunts for specific colors, for instance, those finds will be purposed for listening only.

Our favs from Tarts' Etsy shop:

The deal: Come on Eileen Vinyl Necklace, $10. The most literal of TT's necklaces features a tiny plastic record charm against a clear vinyl pendant. A lightning bolt tops off the layer of goodies, sold on a tough black chord.

The splurge: Beat It Charm Bracelet, $30. Traditional wrist trinkets not your jingle? TT gives James Avery the finger with this piece, a bangle-style bracelet with hand-cut shapes in uniform black vinyl dangling from the round.

P.S. TT accessories were featured in the Futuretopia-themed photo shoot for the Dallas Observer's Best of 2008 issue.

And now, a few words with designer Jacky Sylvie:

AT: Name three records you recently used to make accessories out of.

JS: Ha, people always ask me that. My last three creations came from Good Old Country Gospel, The "B.S." Song [by] Cotton-Eyed Joe and Strawberry Shortcake's Country Jamboree. (Hmm, I'm sensing a country theme here.)

AT: What album could you never retire for use in a product? I.e., what good finds have you saved for the recycling pile?

JS: There are actually lots I wouldn't use. I would never use any Elvis (may he rest in peace), Beatles, Joan Jett or Shawn Cassidy (I covet my Hardy Boys record player.) I recently received two mint Prince LPs, Purple Rain and When Doves Cry, that will never be used.

AT: If you could get any rock star to wear your jewelry as a sponsor, who would it be and why?

JS: There are actually two that I would love to wear my goods. First, Joan Jett, because she is just pure, hardcore rock and roll and I love that she always wears black. And Gwen Stefani because she has such unique style, makes bold choices and yet is still feminine. .

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