Bush Gets Booted by Dallas Exhibit

'Shoes for Bush' counters rank-and-file Texas welcome

As the Design District rolled out the carpets to greet Laura Bush last week, Decorazon Gallery was still busy saying a proper goodbye to our former president with some custom footwear.

Shoes of all sizes had been built/decorated/melted/mounted by citizens from home and abroad for the "Farewell Shoes For Mr. Bush" exhibit, an experiment referencing the Iraqi journalist who threw his shoes at George W. during a press conference, and other emotional responses to our former chief's performance in office.

Jury panelist and Dallas Observer city columnist Jim Schutze was moved by the showing of sole on Thursday at the gallery; he got to announce the prize-winning entries.

One winner titled "Empty Boots" was comprised simply of the boots of the artist's husband who died without health insurance and a typed-up explanation posted above them.

We're proud of the eccentric creations by local folks on display: a sturdy heel made from Bushie's favorite snack -- pretzels -- called "Choke On This" by Rocio Ildemaro of Dallas, for instance, is food for thought. Because the collective support and insightful participation in the show's opening reminds us that Dallas Fort-Worth is still the place where people are gathering productively to champion justice and chronicle history as they see it through free speech and art. No new neighbor's gonna steal that thunder.

"Farewell Shoes For Mr. Bush" will be on display through Feb. 16, President's Day.

Lyndsay Knecht Milne promotes creative mothering at Sugar Burns. Like many Americans, her fifteen-month-old loves to say "Obama."

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