Burleson Homeowners Frustrated About Lack of Internet Access

Homeowners in parts of a new development in Burleson have been told their areas are not serviceable for internet

A group of new homeowners in Burleson is frustrated they are living without internet.

Randy Bates said it's been nearly a month without internet for his family of four.

"It definitely feels like I am back in kindergarten 1988, trying to entertain myself," Bates said.

Bates said he bought his family a new home in the Deer Meadow neighborhood at the end of September.

After closing, he called both Spectrum and AT&T to come out and hook up the internet, just as a flyer he got from D.R. Horton instructed him to do.

However, when he reached out to the two companies, they said his home wasn't serviceable.

"He said he had no lines on the street at all that he could connect to," Bates said.

Bates said D.R. Horton, the home builder, led them to believe that internet would be available to them by putting the contact information on the flyer.

"It should have been disclosed. Just because we would have known what we would be getting into," Bates said.

DR Horton told NBC 5 it is just the builder, and not the community developer.

It's an issue that's affecting all of the homes on Bates' new street.

Bates said neighbors have reached out to D.R. Horton and service providers to try to figure out when they'll get internet.

"A lot of neighbors were talking to each other very frustrated that they don't have any connectivity on the internet," Bates said.

In a statement to NBC 5, D.R. Horton said:

"We are aware of the connectivity issue on a limited number of homes in Deer Meadow. While D.R. Horton is not the developer of the community, we regret the inconvenience and have been in communication with the developer and the internet service provider to help expedite service installation. Homeowners are encouraged to contact the service provider directly for the most up-to-date installation time frame."

Bates said until they get service, his family is relying on an antenna for some entertainment.

A spokesperson for AT&T gave NBC 5 this statement:

"We are actively working with the customer to resolve this issue and deliver a connection to our network as soon as possible. When new homes are built, we work closely with builders and homeowners to determine the best connection options based on their needs and build plan."

A spokesperson for Spectrum gave NBC 5 this statement:

"Generally speaking, customers that do not currently have service may contact Spectrum so a feasibility assessment can be scheduled and conducted. Once the assessment is completed, we estimate the cost of extending our network and move forward if it’s economically viable."

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