Burger Joint Celebrates 50 With 65 Cent Dinner

Haltom City restaurant rolls back to 1959 prices

Hundreds of customers ate 35 cent hamburgers Wednesday in honor of a Haltom City restaurant's 50th anniversary.

Clown Hamburgers has been serving its customers its very best since 1959, owner Bill Louthan said.

"Old-fashioned; we don't change anything," he said. "They come in, and they know exactly what they're going to get."

Louthan started flipping burgers in 1963 for the previous owner in 1963. In the decades since then, he's perfected the recipes.

The potatoes are peeled fresh daily for fries, and the hamburgers are still cooked on the original grill.

Back in 1959, customers could get an entire meal for 65 cents, and on Wednesday night, evertibe ate that cheap again.

"The economy's such a mess, we may help somebody out," Louthan said. "They may have one decent meal. I started to say healthy. I don't know how healthy it is, but it's good."



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