Brokaw Talks Passion, Surfing and Serving America

NBC's Tom Brokaw spoke in Dallas at the 40th Anniversary Luncheon of the Cooper Institute, founded by Dr. Kenneth Cooper. Cooper pioneered the important of fitness and living a long healthy life. Clients from all over the world, including Brokaw, come to Dallas to stay in shape.

Before the luncheon, NBC 5's I sat down with Brokaw for an extensive interview.  Brokaw told me he is working on a project which would give young Americans a place to serve their country, even if they don't want to do into the military.  Brokaw suggested several service academies which would give young people skills in everything from medicine to diplomacy. They could then take those skills around the world to do their part in serving America.

Brokaw told me, when it comes to surfing the Web, it's "buyer beware." He acknowledged the web has tremendous potential to help people, but said people have to take more responsibility in filtering what they read. Brokaw said surfing the web is like buying a car, apply the same standard to what you read, and then if the material isn't up to snuff, don't go there anymore.

And now that he has more free time, Brokaw talked about his new found passion for bicycling.  He said he and a group of friends have bicycled all over the world, where they can exercise in a beautiful countryside all day and then "eat and drink all night."

While Brokaw is no longer in the NBC Nightly News anchor chair, he continues to do special reports and projects for NBC News.

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