Brinker Sells Macaroni Grill for $88 Million

It's a great deal for Golden Gate Capital as Dallas-based Brinker sells their majority interest in Macaroni Grill franchise for $88 million dollars.

Now $88 million seems like a lot of money to the few of us who think $12.99 is a lot to pay for a pasta dish, but when put into perspective, it's an incredible deal.

Macaroni Grill has about 220 stores in the world, and when you take that $88 million and look at it by store, Golden Gate Capital is getting each store for only $400,000 each.

Heck, we've seen straight up nightclubs going for more than that, and you're getting a bar and grill in prime suburban locations for less than half-a-mil? We'd buy that if our credit card wasn't maxed out.

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