Bring Wolverine to the Metroplex

No, we don't want you to download the X-Men Origins: Wolverine work-print floating around on torrent sites -- instead, let's all use our mutant powers of clicking on a link and voting for our fair cities to host the Wolverine movie premiere on May 1st.

Right now, it looks like north Texas is pretty well represented, though NYC and Chicago are definitely pulling strong numbers, according to the website's completely arbitrary "bigger X's mean more votes" system.

How are we supposed to know how many of our Dallas-Fort Worth network Facebook friends to get to vote for us in this competition if we can't know how many more New Yorkers have voted? Huh? And why isn't Stephen Colbert an option?

We should all act quickly to win this poll before some Digg/4Chan/Fark coalition moves to get Wasilla, AK to be the nominee. The voting ends on April 17th.

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