Bret Michaels, True Head Banger

Bret Michaels has played hundreds of rock shows with no problem, but look at how bloody he gets the one time he plays the Tony Awards.

His spokesman says Michaels fractured his nose and got three stitches in his lip when he was clocked with a piece of scenery Sunday at the Tonys.

Poison had performed with the cast of the musical "Rock of Ages" in the opening number.

Michaels also got a CAT scan as a precaution because he's had a neck injury in the past.

What the El!?! Editorial:

You had to be paying attention to see it, I did and immediately rewound on TiVo. It looked like it hurt. Afterward Tony host Neil Patrick Harris came out and said Bret had given "head-banging a whole new meaning" then told the audience he was okay.

Wonder if that bandana he wears under the cowboy hat came off and what's under there!

(Associated Press)

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