Waco to Crown the Corndog King

Waco to host Corndog Classic

So your best friend has a black belt… in blame displacement. Your sister was runner-up in the Miss Lake of the Pines beauty pageant adjacent. Perhaps you have a neighbor who can gargle Pepto-Bismol in sync with Paula Abdul’s “Straight Up”.

If, so far in life, your only bragging right consists of a controversial potato sack race in fourth grade, Waco is here to help.

On July 4, the city will host the inaugural Corndog Classic at their Fourth on the Brazos celebration in downtown Waco.

The competition will take place at 8 p.m. on the main stage, and the participant who eats the most corndogs in three minutes will be crowned the Corndog King. If the crown and the distinct title aren’t enough to lure you in, there’s also a prize package.

Think of the bragging rights. No longer will you be stuck sitting at the table with nothing to brag about when everyone else starts reminiscing on their days of unrealistic stardom. 

You, too, can join in with the memorable tale of how you went after the plate of corndogs faster than Rick Perry in a photo shoot.

Savor the victory; savor the bite, but whatever you do: save the date. July 4. Waco. Be there. To register for a chance to compete, email the Parks and Recreation office at events@ci.waco.tx.us or call 254-750-8085.

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