Boutique on Wheels Comes to Your Doorstep

Mobile boutique travels to shoppers

Two North Texas women are making shopping very convenient with their boutique on wheels.

Rosie Vann-Dalton and Sande Brandt drive their mobile clothing store, High Maintenance Couture in a Can, to doorsteps across the Metroplex.

They serve individual clients as well as group parties. "The Can" can be reserved for personal styling sessions or group parties. However, there is a $250 deposit that is returned if customers spend $250.

"I'm a single mom, I work full-time, and this is the best, because you know you are going to get really great stuff, and it just comes to you," Darci Creson said.

It all started when the friends decided to open a clothing store.

"One day, we were sitting at my table, and we thought, 'Where can we do this?' We looked out and saw my husband's Airstream," Brandt said.

The idea to transform the Airstream into a mobile boutique took off.

"It was really inspired out of convenience and our lady friends that would say things like, 'I wish you could come to my house,'" Vann-Dalton said.

The concept is catching on. Mobile clothing vendors are popping up nationwide.

"There is one that does all shoes out of Austin," Vann-Dalton said. "There is one that does home furnishing. There is one that does more like vintage clothing."

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