Botham Jean's Parents Meet With Dallas County District Attorney

Dallas County District Attorney Faith Johnson said more than 200 witnesses have been interviewed

What to Know

  • Botham Jean's parents met with Dallas County District Attorney Faith Johnson for about three hours Tuesday.
  • Allison and Bertrum Jean said they were satisfied with what they heard from the DA's office about how the investigation is progressing.
  • Johnson said more than 200 witnesses have been interviewed.

The parents of the man killed in his own apartment by a now-former Dallas police officer met for around three hours with Dallas County District Attorney Faith Johnson Tuesday for an update on the case.

Botham Jean was shot by off-duty officer Amber Guyger, who said she thought she was in her own apartment at the time and that Jean was a burglar.

Guyger shot Jean on Sept. 6, was charged with manslaughter Sept. 9 and fired Sept. 24.

District Attorney Faith Johnson has promised to conduct her own investigation and present the findings to a grand jury, which will decide what charges should go to trial.

Jean's parents and their attorneys met behind closed doors with Johnson and her team at her office.

Jean's mother, Allison Jean, and father, Bertrum Jean, said they were pleased with their meeting.

"I am quite satisfied with the information that has been provided so far," Allison Jean said. "I trust that the process will continue so we can move toward getting justice for Botham."

The parents and their lawyers agreed not to reveal details of the evidence they heard, but said it was extensive.

"And I think that has been laid out to us. I think we understand fully what is going on," Bertrum Jean said.

Johnson said more than 200 witnesses have been interviewed and the case would go to a grand jury soon, but that there is more work to do.

"I thought it was very important to keep the family abreast of what we are doing," Johnson said. "They can see how hard we are working. They can see we take this case very seriously. And they can see what a great team I have working on their behalf."

Jean family attorney Lee Merritt said Guyger may have been off-duty, but was still in uniform and armed with her service weapon after a long shift.

"She was acting as a police officer, so that means her training comes into play," Merritt said.

The parents said they are encouraged by the continued show of support for their son's case in Dallas.

"The presence of these persons in the community sends out the signal that we're not alone," Allison Jean said.

The Jeans attorney, Daryl Washington, said the parents needed a long meeting with the district attorney because they live in St.Lucia.

"The DA does not have the ability to have a meeting at the spur of the moment, so there were a lot of questions the clients had and the questions were answered about how the process works," Washington said.

Allison and Bertrum Jean said they told Johnson to take the time necessary to get the case right.

"I want justice," Allison Jean said. "I want what is right, what is fair for him."

The attorneys have said they intend to file lawsuits over Jean's death.

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