Bolsa Celebrates End of Prohibition Era

Cliff dwellers and beyond the bridge folks gathered together (gasp!) to celebrate Bolsa's new drink menu and the passing of propositions one and two. Bartenders Jason Kosmas, Eddie “Lucky” Campbell and Jonathan Knecht mixed up $5 concoctions—some listed on the menu, and some secret recipes hidden deep within the depths of their boozy minds. The Repeal Party's drink menu included Plymouth Bathtub Gins, Appleton Estate Rum Runners and Russel’s Rye Bootlegged cocktails.

Crowd favorites were the Pappa Doble made with rum, Maraschino liqueur, lime, and grapefruit and the Smuggler’s Punch of rum, pear, Batavia Arrak, orange Curacao, black tea syrup, and five spice. The Ward 8 was also a hit with its blend of rye, orange Curacao, lemon, and Employee's Only brand of Grenadine. Bolsa regulars dressed in Roaring Twenties era fashions, and House of MacGregor custom made hats floated atop heads throughout the party.

Campbell got a bit tongue-tied when asked to choose a highlight on the new regular drink menu. “The Bonnie and Clyde is the bomb,” he said before scratching his head and laughing out, “Well sh*t, I love them all!”

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