Black Friday for Plumbers Too

Call volume jumps 60% during holiday weekend

North Texas plumbers report a big jump in business during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

Roto Rooter supervisor Chris Head said no one is off from Friday thru Monday because their call volume increases by more than 60%.

The experts say prevention is key.

In the kitchen, homeowners should avoid dumping oil down their drains because they solidify in pipes and cause clogs.

Instead, wipe grease from pots and pans with paper towels, and deposit in the trash.

In the bathroom, plan ahead, spreading showers throughout the day and waiting 10 minutes between showers so that slow drains have time to do their job and your water heater has a chance to recover.

Provide a trash bin so that the toilet isn't used as a garbage can.

Never flush cotton balls or swabs, hair, facial scrub pads or similar items down the toilet, as they don't dissolve and are responsible for most clogs

If you notice your drains are running slowly, treat them with retail drain cleaning products long before company arrives.

If that doesn't do the trick and you find you need a plumber, be sure to call well before visits and parties are in full swing so you get faster attention and avoid holiday service charges.


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