Black Friday Ads Have Shoppers Ready to Pounce

Websites post latest Black Friday sale ads

Even with Black Friday weeks away, a handful of websites are full invested in showcasing the best deals.

Sites like and have already put up ads from Best Buy, Kohl's, and ToysRUs...but that's just the beginning.

Others like and are putting up ads as they come in -- and being first is the key.

These four links are the top sites in Google when searching for "Black Friday" -- even without adding "deals" or "ads" to that search string. That can mean big business for the businesses that "leak" their ads.

Some sites are even giving shoppers the opening times for many stores -- has a whole page devoted to it. (click here to find the store hours page)

But if you're not up to fighting crowds, Cyber Monday may be the robe and slippers alternative to getting a deal. and collect the deals for online merchants. Many of these deals are day specific, but some are already useful.

With a little preperation and an Internet connection, it looks like shoppers can get a serious leg up on the shop-til-you drop extravaganzas.

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