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Renée Rouleau offers sweet package

Skin guru to the stars, Renée Rouleau is offering a special facial package in celebration of next weeks grand opening of the Dallas Center for Performing Arts. It’s great timing for women who want to feel their prettiest at the swanky parties. But Rouleau wants to help everyday workin’ gals who want to put their best face forward, so the offer extends to anyone -- not just gala attendees. Here’s a break down of three scenes in a one act facial play meant to re-fresh and polish summer strained skin.

Scene 1: It’s no secret that the percentage of French women who have had plastic surgery is significantly less than their American sisters fighting the daily battle with gravity.  Granted, gravity keeps our planet in check, but why must it come down so hard on our precious mugs? One reason French woman don’t go under the knife as much, is because European skin care is more advanced than many treatments available stateside. Rouleau has graciously imported the Bio Visage Lifting Facial from France to Texas. Considered a non-surgical facelift, this treatment gives immediate, visible results to tighten and firm the face and neck, plump up deep lines and wrinkles, and restore the glow of younger skin. It works people, even after one treatment.

Scene 2: After Rouleau painlessly pushes up her client’s features; it’s time to target their pretty peepers. Skin around the eyes is as delicate as an orchid’s petal. Thus, with gentle hands, Roulea gives an Eye Zone Treatment that consists of using cooling eye globes and a freeze-dried collagen eye mask. Fine lines are softened and skin is refreshed so that the eyes pop.

Scene 3: It’s a shame that most women spend so much time and money (especially in Dallas) on their appearance, and then forget about their hands. There’s really no hiding yor them unless it’s cold outside and gloves are needed. Of course Rouleau has considered this, thereby including a Smoothing Hand Treatment in the series. She uses a double peel to dissolve and polish away dry skin cells. Then she applies a nourishing cream for moisture. Hands are now ready for applause.

Finale: Cap off a day of pampering with French bubbly and some fabulous pastries.

Curtain Call: Guests are sent on their merry way with a complimentary commemorative 1 oz. jar of Rouleau’s mint buffing beads. These minty little balls aren’t for nibbling, rather they will help you get your glow on for the gala.

Cost: $285
October 2-18, 2009

Two Locations:

One Arts Plaza
1722 Routh Street, Suite 113

4025 Preston Rd.
Suite 606

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