Best Deals for Tax Free Weekend

North Texans are looking for some good deals this tax free weekend and one North Texas mother compiled them all for you, so you can know before you go.

"If you time it with the sales that are going on you can really take advantage of significant savings," said Laura Thornquist.

Thornquist has her own website that basically reads like a bargain bible.

"I have three different sets of emails that send me deals and deals and deals and what I do is I try to bring it all down, pair it down to what I feel is significant to people out there."

She is the mommy behind  Tax free weekend is a busy week for her-- making sure you know the deals before you head out to the stores.

"The coupon is the currency of this economy.  Take advantage while its out there," said Thornquist.

With the proper research, you'll find the deals are endless during tax free weekend.

"$30 off at Express if you spend $75.  At CVS there's free paper for you, there's free Papermate pens for you.  J.C. Penney, an extra $15 off or 10 percent off."

No matter what your budget, you can arm yourself with the information you need to maximize your shopping experience.

"You gotta learn, you gotta get savvy."

So you can make the best of tax free weekend and get more bang for your buck.

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