Best Bargain Bites

North Texas restaurants are trying to attract customers during the difficult economic times with bargain menus.

Dallas-based Chili's now has "Chili's 10 under $7."  So which bargain plates are favorites?

Not the Chicken Tacos with Salad. Not the Cajun Chicken Pasta. And not the Buffalo Chicken Crisper Bites.

No, the top three "Chili's 10 under $7" are:

  • No. 3: The Big Mouth Bites
  • No. 2: The Oldtimer and
  • No. 1: Quesadillas with Salad.

I'll have to say I agree with Chili's diners. Quesadillas are my favorite too!

The complete "Chili's 10 under $7" menu is at

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