Bennigan's Monte Cristo Coming to Your Freezer

Within a year, you could see Bennigan's signature sammies in your icebox

One of the things often mentioned by those lamenting the loss of Bennigan's restaurants is the missing link in the sandwich food chain, the Monte Cristo.

Soon, though, that missing link might be in your icebox. Bennigan's just struck a licensing deal with Global Icons to develop the chain's menu items into frozen, refrigerated, or shelf-stable products you could find at your local grocery store.

Some of the other dishes targeted by the deal include Bennigan's Turkey O' Toole and the Death By Chocolate dessert, plus Steak & Ale's Kensington Club sandwich, the herb-roasted prime rib or Hawaiian chicken.

Read more about the deal at Nation's Restaurant News.

We have to be a little concerned about how a frozen Monte Cristo would thaw out -- wouldn't we be dealing with a gummy exterior instead of the deep fried greatness? (But the Death by Chocolate sounds like a perfect addition to our ice machine's home.)

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