Bennett is Sorry (He Lost Some Money)

Martellus Bennett posted a new rap on his YouTube page today apoligizing for a previous one that featured a lot of foul language and him in a Cowboys helmet.

The apology rap comes after he was reportedly fined $22,000 by the Cowboys for conduct detrimental to the team.

"Marty B" blames the media for what happened in his latest track.

Oh, that's right... it must have been the people at the Dallas Morning News and Star Telegram that wrote the lyrics, shot the video, and then put it up on YouTube for all to see.

No, I think they just reported what was there that anyone with a computer and internet connection would have found.

I really like Mr. Bennett as a player and a person.  I don't think he meant any harm by his original rap (which is no longer viewable at YouTube), but I think Marty B should listen to T.O.'s rap songs.

"I'm Back" is a guilty pleasure of mine, and none of T.O.'s raps get him in trouble.

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