Being Green Means Getting Dirty for Some

At Briscoe Elementary School in Fort Worth, students are learning the importance of protecting the environment.

"Today we are learning to help the environment," said Broshayla Mosely, 4th grader.

They are also learning about how important it is to volunteer and give their time back to their community to help others.

"That's what we like to have our kids take away and understand," said Shawn Buchanan, Principal. "It's more about giving than receiving, and so just them being able to see all the staff who are out here working and make our garden look nice."

A crucial lesson not only on this Earth Day, but for years to come.

"I'm just so amazed at how it already makes our garden look good," said Buchanan.

With the help of volunteers from NBC 5 and General Electric, the city of Fort Worth Forestry Service, the Fort Worth ISD, Score a Goal in the Classroom, and students, the garden just outside the schools front door got a face lift of sorts.

"The kids really enjoy it, we come out here twice a week, most of the classes," said Ronald Reece, science lab teacher. "And they journal and they collect specimens and take them back in the class and talk about the characteristics of them."

Leaving a lasting impression and lesson for the students and community to enjoy year round.

Briscoe Elementary School still needs help with their Earth Day project, you can contact the school for more information.

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