Protest to Bypass the Bypass Burger

Protest planned for Heart Attack Grill


by Bruce Felps

Burgers seem to be all the rage this week, literally in one case.

In-N-Out Burgers yesterday opened two locations to great fanfare and hours-long lines of customers. Today, Heart Attack Grill opens its greasy doors in the West End, and one lady seems none too happy at the prospect.

In case you haven’t seen it, or were overwhelmed by news of In-N-Out coming to the area, Heart Attack Grill flaunts its unhealthy fare and practically mocks fat people. OK, strike "practically."

Weight 350 pounds or more? You eat free, big boy.

What do you expect from an outfit with “Treating Anorexia Since 2005” as its tagline?

The joint offers fare such as the foundation Bypass Burger, which comes and goes all the way up to a quadruple meat-cheese-bacon stack — and how do you even bite a quadruple burger? — Flatliner Fries, deep fried in lard, and Butterfat Shakes. According to the company’s website, estimates place the Quadruple calorie count at 8,000.

Oh, and the staff, primarily comely women, dress as medical personnel just to, you know, perpetrate the joke.

Well now, Laurel Wright, who lives in Highland Village, doesn’t think it’s funny at all. She and her family nearly succumbed to obesity before changing their lifestyles and eating habits, according to SideDish, and she’s taking her fight against Heart Attack Grill and its “blatant smack in the face against people who need help, who need to lose weight,” as she said in a Dallas Morning News piece, to the street in front of the burger joint.

She’s there now, through lunch and dinner, protesting the restaurant’s gimmick and handing out, or trying to hand out, fruit and such as symbols for a more healthful diet.

Message, meet deaf ears.

Update: Heart Attack Grill opened and closed on Friday after one hour, founder Jon Basso tells NBCDFW he planned for Friday to be a "sneak peek," however customers weren't aware and were turned away shortly after the lunch hour. Basso said the restaurant would be open regular hours Saturday. The Heart Attack Grill's website is promoting a June 1, 2011 Grand Opening.

Bruce Felps owns and operates East Dallas Times, an online community news outlet serving the White Rock Lake area. He likes his burgers off his own grill, thank you, but Twisted Root and Cock and Bull run a close second and third.

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