Batman Vehicles Headed to Dallas

Tumbler, Bat-Pod on display on Monday

Bat-fans have something to look forward to before the release of The Dark Knight Rises.

On Monday, June 25, two vehicles used in the Christopher Nolan Batman movies will be on display in Dallas.

The Tumbler, the tank-like Batmobile from Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, will be joined by the Bat-Pod motorcycle from the second film from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the Walmart located on 6185 Retail Road in Dallas, TX.

UPDATE: An earlier version of this story had the incorrect address for the Tumbler Tour based on incorrect information that was posted on the official website. The Retail Road address is accurate, not the Cockrell Hill location.

Both of these vehicles are actual, used-in-the-film versions, and both are featured in the last Nolan Bat-flick, The Dark Knight Rises, which bows on July 20.

Fans can take photos with the vehicles. The vehicles will also make other Texas appearances in San Antonio and El Paso.

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