Baking Bread the Local Way

A Fort Worth bakery is finding out green is universal one cookie at a time. The Artisan Baking Company is known for serving up mouth-watering goodies while doing it with a local flare.

For almost four years, Gwin Grimes has been creating delectable pastries in a small bakery in west Fort Worth.

"It's great. I wake up every day and get to do the thing I love to do, which is to make great tasting stuff," said Grimes.

The treats are so tasty, people in the neighborhood said it's hard to not stop in.

"I was about to drive by, and I couldn't," said customer Anna Catron.

While customers come back for the taste, the bakers know it's the ingredients from local farmers and ranchers that make it all so special.

"I think it's really important to support local agriculture," said Grimes. "I love fresh food. I'm inspired when I go to the farmer's market just to see what's out there and what's great and fresh and what smells good and looks good."

"I love all of her local ingredients and her organic ingredients," said Catron. 

"We have people who seek us out for that reason and because of where we try to promote ourselves," said Grimes. "Other people come in just because we're on their way to work or they know we taste good or their neighbor gave them something.  Either way is fine with me!"

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