Hasta La Pasta: Café Italia to Close

Doors will shutter by year’s end

Café Italia’s owner, Scott Jones has said his Tex-Italian eatery will shutter the last day of December. The quaint restaurant has quietly thrived for years based on word-of-mouth praise and good reviews from the press.

The restaurant’s generous portions of flavorful Italian fare kept customers and the restaurant full. But now Jones says he wants to drop a new concept into Café Italia’s well-worn space. Mums the word on exactly what foodies should expect.

“We are currently working out menu and design in heavy development mode,” said Jones. “Our hope is that it will quickly become a neighborhood favorite.”

If former regulars come in craving Café Italia’s prosciutto pepper poppers (pickled jalapenos stuffed with goat cheese and smoked Gouda fondue) then they should expect some foot traffic. Also, there's always the curiosity factor when a neighborhood place closes and opens anew with a totally different concept.

Hopefully Jones can deliver with his new concept in the same satisfactory way as before. Either way, we wish him luck and bid arrivederci to Café Italia.

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