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Artist turns trashed wood into collectible treasure


Artist Sean Springer is always on the hunt for his next set of raw materials.

He takes to the streets several times a week in search of trashed wood and discarded lumber.

“A lot of people do this for a hobby, but for me it’s a glorified hobby. I take these things and make it my own and then put it back out there,” he said of his work.

Springer first learned about making handcrafted woodwork from repurposed wood by taking sculpture classes at the Art Students League in New York City.

He then interned for Dallas sculptor/landscape architect Brad Goldberg and eventually graduated with a bachelor of fine arts in sculpture at the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence.

After working for high-end cabinetry and furniture shops in Brooklyn after graduation, Springer advanced his craft enough to branch out on his own.

“The furniture I do is very designed and thought out, and when I create sculpture, I have this impulsive side of my personality that likes to indulge the lack of planning,” Springer said.

Quality of craftsmanship is apparent at first glance of Springer’s benches, stools, tables or coffee tables.

Rough edges are smoothed out and what was once scrap wood is elevated to high-end furniture that would compliment most homes. Springer’s work brings the natural element into the home. It’s a popular design aesthetic with most arbiters of good taste.

“A lot of times people overlook three-dimensional objects as art, so I really want to showcase his beautiful art,” said Bryan Embry, director of Ross/Akard Gallery.

Springer's show at the Ross/Akard Gallery runs until April 21.

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