Arlington Car Lot Stalls, Leaves Customers Stranded

Classic Kia car dealership shut down unexpectedly this month, leaving customers stranded.

A sign up front reads: "Due to the economic crisis, this business is for sale. To all customers, and employees, we are very sorry."

Howell Dodd had no clue the dealership was in trouble when he stepped onto the lot last month.

He bought a used car, and when he was driving off, the salesman told him he'd see him in two weeks when his tags were delivered.

"He told me they'd call and when I came up, they'd personally put the plates on my car for me,", Dodd said.

Two weeks later, Dodd still has paper plates. When he drove up to the lot this week, he was surprised at what was left of the dealership.

"There are no cars here,"  said Dodd. "There were 400 cars here, probably more and this place is just empty."

Repeated calls to the numbers listed for the dealership were not returned.

Alex Fedorak, Kia Motor's public relations director, said the dealership was closed down by it's owner. Fedorak also said Kia was working with the owner to re-open the dealership, if possible.

Fedorak said he was not sure exactly why Classic Kia closed, but said attorneys are trying to work things out.

Kia Motors spokesman said all warrants will be honored, and that Kia owners with questions should call 1-800-333-4KIA. 

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