Amy's Ice Cream of Austin Comes to Texadelphia

Texadelphia uses a rambling press release to explain why they're importing the Austin based dessert

The last time we visited Austin (read: three weeks ago) we were instructed by those who knew the place better to visit Amy's Ice Creams and partake of the frozen delights. While we enjoyed the dessert, we're not going to join the cult just yet. However, by next Wednesday, they'll have another chance to try to convert us.

Texadelphia, including two in the Dallas area, will be getting Amy's Ice Creams imported from the state capital to their dessert menu. Owner Tom Landis explained this relatively simple announcement is a unique, rambling press release that SideDish's Nancy Nichols posted up for the scrutiny of all.


"And so I started going to fancy-pants restaurants.  But I think I’ve pretty much left a slimy trail like a slug at many of the places.  I’d love the fine wines, but they didn’t love me so much. I’d get wasted, thump my chest about what a foodie I was, and then ask the waiter something like, 'Zis is reeeeeelly good wine.  Izzit red or white?'"

"Being in the restaurant biz, I knew I had to make my own ice cream.  I got me a fancy machine.  I got me fancy ingredients. I made me some ice cream, and gave it to my employees.  I knew this would be the start of something big. The next day, almost every single employee had food poisioning.  Dunno what I did wrong, but once again I realized just cause I love something don’t mean it loves me."

Yes, Mr. Landis, you're currently the front runner for weirdest press release of the year.

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