‘American Idol' Warns Fans Of Scam

Just as people are getting excited about "American Idol" again, producers of the show are issuing a warning about a scam.

"Idol" producers say a scammer is sending letters through the mail printed on what looks like the "Idol" letterhead and a forged signature from "Idol" executive producer Simon Fuller.

The letter says the recipient is a winner of a cash prize, contains a fake check and asks the recipient to call a phone number to claim the fake prize.

Fox, "American Idol" and companies affiliated with it say they do not support any sweepstakes or contest that resembles that.

Anyone who receives a letter like that should contact the U.S. Postal Inspection Service.  

What the El!?! Editorial:

It's so sad that people will believe they won a prize when they didn't enter anything.

A few tips: If you didn't enter a contest you can't win it!

If you don't have an account and a bank asks you to confirm all your information, don't respond!

That lotto check from a foreign country is FAKE! Besides the fact you didn't play the lottery, if they ask you to give money to win money, bells should be going off!

Bottom line: The only people you cash checks from are your employer and friends who owe you money!

It's amazing the people who will give out all their personal information because some stranger promised to give them money they didn't earn!

(Associated Press)

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