AAC Introduces New Ticketing System

Venue says electronic tickes more convenient, secure

Dallas' American Airlines Center is implementing a new, electronic ticketing system to help cut down on counterfeit tickets.

"It's a real problem," AAC General Manager Dave Brown said. "A lot of people get cheated."

The stadium started using the new technology Friday night for its sold-out AC/DC concert, issuing 3,000 paperless tickets.

"Instead of having to print or pick up tickets, it's all electronic," Brown said.

Event goers present their credit cards to get access to the arena.

"I think its a great idea," Tim Greer said. "It will keep the scalpers from buying all the tickets up."

He and his family drove from Tyler hoping to see AC/DC in concert, but couldn't afford tickets that were being scalped for $400 and $500 on the street.

"This new electronic system takes scalping out of the loop," Brown said.

The AAC plans to gradually make the switch to paperless tickets. It hopes to eventually use the technology for all of its events, including Stars and Mavericks games.

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