Alliance Air Show to Take Excitement to New Heights

Canadian Air Force will showcase high-flying fun

Fort Worth is getting ready for some high-flying fun.

This weekend’s free air show at Alliance Airport promises to please with stunning aerial acrobatics.

“I enjoy it all," said Royal Canadian Air Force pilot Brett Parker. "I have a big smile on my face that’s like ‘Oh, wow, I’m being paid to do this.’ This is pretty cool.”

Parker and nine others will be flying 52-year-old Canadian training jets called CL-41 Tooters.

The Canadian Air Force used them for about 35 years before retiring them, but one squadron still uses them just so the planes can be used in air shows.

The instruments inside look antiquated compared to today’s digital readouts and touch screens, but the pilots love the control.

“You know what, they still do the job that we ultimately needed to do. And that’s why, you don’t wreck with the success,” said Parker.

This weekend the Canadian squadron -- called Snowbirds -- promise loops, barrel rolls and maneuvers that will make you question physics.

Parker has been a part of the Canadian Royal Air Force for 13 years, but only a Snowbird for two. Parker says it’s an honor and a chance of a lifetime to fly in a Tooter.

The Alliance Air Show is open Oct. 6 and 7 and has free admission. Parking will cost $20 no matter what kind of vehicle you drive. More information is available at the official Air Show site.

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