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We explore ALDI's interesting "select brand" products.

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Lisa Petty
Texans are pretty fanatical about their salsas, and we’ve yet to work up the nerve to purchase a bottle of ALDI’s Casita Mamita. Fact is, we’re still catching crap about a certain jar of Pace discovered in the back of our fridge three years ago.
Lisa Petty
Mr. Pudding? Isn’t that Bill Cosby? Who is this Mr. Pudding guy and what’s his sweater situation? Please tell us our childhood wasn’t a sham.
Lisa Petty
ALDI cereal comes in all the popular flavors, but their familiar cartoon faces have been replaced with underwater creatures. Okay. But a puffer fish? As a wise man once said, “Nothing screams 'put me in your mouth' like a poisonous fish that looks like a bloated hedgehog.”
Lisa Petty
Once again, we’re not sure if Texans will embrace this new Doctor. In fact, we’re currently checking into his credentials.
Lisa Petty
ALDI features oodles of “Lacura” skin and beauty products, which have apparently been a big hit in Europe. Check out the prices – this one might be a winner.
Lisa Petty
“Cheese Club”? Really? Now, that’s the cheesiest.
Lisa Petty
L’oven Fresh: Coming soon to the big screen in Superbad 2.
Lisa Petty
Instead of a real salad bar, ALDI has the “Little Salad Bar”. How little is it? Well, you’re pretty much looking at it.
Lisa Petty
Lunch Mate is ALDI for lunch meat.
Lisa Petty
And last but not least, we wonder why this little “select brand” owl is winking. Our guess? ‘Cause he can get you snockered for under three bucks.
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