Agent Zero Loses $147,200 Per Game


David Stern has sent the message, "Leave your guns at home".  The NBA commissioner has suspended one of its stars, Gilbert Arenas without pay.

He is going to lose $147,200 a game.  Talk about a costly decision. 

Gilbert Arenas was a high school player in L.A.'s San Fernando Valley when I worked there in the 1990's.  He was a kid UCLA didn't want and got what seemed to be a throw away scholarship to Arizona.  He was drafted in the second round of the NBA draft and worked hard to become a big time star.

Now he's seen as a gun toting player who Stern wants to make an example of.  Gilbert's nickname is Agent Zero.  Right now he's got zero games to play in and zero dollars going into his bank account.

Stern wants to make it clear to his players, "don't bring your guns to work". 

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