Adios Alexis

Alexis Grace says her elimination from "American Idol" during the show's country music week seems like a betrayal of her Southern roots.
Grace, who received the lowest number of audience votes after her performance of Dolly Parton's "Jolene," told a teleconference Thursday that she feels like she let down her state of Tennessee.
But the 21-year-old single mother from Memphis says she's going to try to redeem herself as she pursues her dream of a singing career.
The show's judges declined to rescue Grace with their one-time-only opportunity to save a singer from being eliminated, an option until the top five finalists are selected.
The 10 remaining "American Idol" contestants will perform Motown songs next week.

What the El!?! Editorial:

No big loss here. I thought the judges might save her, but now that I realize they only get one save (I thought they got one a show) I understand why they didn't save her. That save it going to be used closer to the top five, we're only at 10 now.

As for the judges, last night was annoying. They need to stop fighting with each other and agree to disagree. Paula and Simon were bordering on juvenile.

And to top it off, when they told Alexis to sing for her life, they talked throughout her performance. The producers should tell them to be quiet and listen, schedule a commercial break for dramatic effect. Ryan can say "We'll find out if that was good enough when the judge's decide whether or not to save her… AFTER THIS" and then they can talk for 2 minutes. Talking while Alexis is singing is rude, and distracting, you could totally tell she was watching them the entire time. It's hard to read lips and sing on key!!

(Associated Press)

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