Addison Bars Look to Profit from Dallas Smoking Ban

Tough ordinance may send smokers into other cities

Dallas bar and nightclub owners worry their patrons will go elsewhere to light up in peace.

"I've gone non-smoking before in a smoke environment and short term it did hurt us," said Dutch Von Ehrenfried, general manager of Humperdinks.

Von Ehrenfried said he knows people are willing to travel to areas where they can smoke and drink in public legally.

"There's a limit to everything I guess, but certainly five miles is no problem," said smoker Steve Landtroop.

This time around Von Ehrenfried is on the profitable side of a smoking ordinance.  He manages the Humperdinks restaurant and bar in Addison, where smoking inside bars and restaurants is still legal.

At least for now, Dallas' loss may be Addison's gain.

"In the future we'll all probably be non-smoking, but as of right now I'll probably profit a little. But I kind of feel for the guys that are going to be feeling it."

You won't find any "smoking police staking out Dallas bars or nightclubs looking for violators. Dallas police will only respond after receiving a phone call reporting a violation of the ordinance.

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