Act of Chivalry Seals Wedding Day Vows

You often hear that rain on a wedding day brings good luck.

And if it's true, a couple in Johnson County needs to buy a Mega Millions ticket for Friday's history-making $1 billion jackpot! Their marriage is starting off with lots of good luck!

Twiztid and Nicole Stanley got married last Saturday on the bride's family farm in Covington. Family farm means an outdoor wedding.

In the hours before the ceremony, storms dumped rain and winds roared.

"I woke up Saturday morning and it was pouring rain," said Nicole Stanley. "I told Twizted, 'Come rain or high water, we're gonna do this. We're getting married.'"

The rain and the high water turned the family farm into a muddy mess.

The couple was to be married under a tent. And, by the time the ceremony started, the rain had stopped. 

As the bride walked into the tent on the arms of her mom and dad, puddles and mud separated her from her groom waiting at the altar at the front of the tent.

Nicole looked down as a flower dropped from her bouquet.

And, in an instant, her groom was there, putting his bride on his back to carry her to the altar.

"My husband has a bad back, and for him to attempt to carry me was amazing," said Nicole. "He's amazing."

She also thought about the shoes the couple and the wedding party wore for the wedding.

"Oh, no. Your new Vans,' she thought. "All the guys had on new shoes. And the girls had on custom Converse. And, I thought, 'Oh, my! The shoes are ruined.'"

In one of the wedding pictures, the just-married couple walk out of the tent and Nicole is barefoot.

The Stanleys met seven years ago, got engaged in 2013 and the next year, set their wedding date of Oct. 14.

Lanelle Farmer, who shared the wedding day video with NBC 5, called what she saw that day, "the most romantic thing I have seen -- that man loves that woman."

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