Exclusive Pics From Designer’s Republic of Costa Rica Trip

Dallas-based designer Abi Ferrin was invited by former Ministery of Fisheries, Jorges Campos, to visit the Republic of Costa Rica. Ferrin's show, which debuts at New York's fashion week in September is inspired by the OSA rainforests. The OSA Peninsula is located at the southern end of the Pacific Coast and is widely recognized as the richest biological zone in Mesoamerica.

6 photos
Abi Ferrin in one of her original designs.
Abi Ferrin
Former Republic of Costa Rica Ministry of Fisheries, Jorge Campos.
william Levy / Ap Graphics
Abi's visit to the Republic of Costa Rica received international coverage.
AP Graphics
Ferrin got up close and personal with these Costa Rican crocs. All in the name of art!
Abi Ferrin
How cute!
Abi Ferrin
Expect alligator-inspired prints or colors from Ferrin's new line.
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