A Prom Lit By the Dallas Cowboys Star


Chances are, Grand Prairie High School's senior prom was cooler than yours. The reason?

The 611 students who went Friday night got to party the night away at Cowboy Stadium.

Brenda Fox, of Grand Prairie High School, said the idea was born when she was coming back, disappointed, from looking at a few possible venues with Principal Joseph Showell. Then, their eyes focused on something they couldn't miss.

"We topped that hill coming over Cockrell Hill, and we saw that stadium, and he said, 'What about there?'" Fox said.

Her first reaction was that it was too expensive, but they decided to pull into Cowboys Stadium and see if stadium officials would allow it.

Now, students are glad they stopped in.

"When we came in here, the people were so incredible, so welcoming, it was a surprise," Showell said.

The venue for Friday's prom was revealed to students earlier this year in a video, and Fox said students were shocked.

"So we made this long video up and when they saw it was Cowboys Stadium, boys were crying in the stands," she said.

The theme is "A Starlit Affair." Fox said it's perfect because students will be dancing in view of the famous Cowboys star in the center of the field.

Joshua Espinoza, a senior at Grand Prairie High School, said he's been to the stadium before, but he's usually selling sodas in the stands during Cowboy games.

"Getting to be here without carrying a big cart of soda around -- a big 50-pound thing -- I was happy to be there, but being here like this, I'm really about that," he said.

Grand Prairie was the first school to book the stadium for a prom. But two private schools held their proms at Cowboys Stadium earlier this season.

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