Celebrity “House Porn” is Just a Click Away

You know they live here in North Texas, but have you ever wanted to see inside where celebrities live?  Well, you're not alone and websites are popping up all over the Internet to give you a glimpse of where the rich and famous call home.

For real estate blogger, Candy Evans, walking through a two-story, 5,000 plus square foot, $4.4 million home in Dallas is a fantasy come to life.  It's the kind of home that's perfect for a celebrity.

"I want to see what's inside the house," said Evans.  "If I can't see what's inside it, I want someone like me who's been inside it who can tell you about it."

Slowly but surely, North Texas are treating themselves to a little celebrity home peep show.

Evans showcases high-end homes on her blog Second Shelters and in her work with AOL's Housing Watch blog. The galleries of images give a peek into how the rich and famous live.

 "I call it house porn," said Evans.  "I like to say that I'm the lady who brought house porn to the Bible Belt."

With a little help from the Internet, anyone can get a glimpse of how the fabulous live.

"You can have someone do it for you or you can spend hours and hours doing it yourself," said Evans.  "We have so many sports celebrities here in Dallas who have great, fabulous homes and, you know, the bigger, the better."

Websites like Virtual Globetrotter give you a bird's eye view of the North Texas elite.  Visitors get aerial views of homes reportedly owned by Tony Romo, Mark Cuban, Jerry Jones, and Troy Aikman

"Oh, I think we'll see more of these websites popping up," said Evans.  "It's very easy to duplicate."

If getting a sneak peek inside a celebrity home is more your speed, then there's always The Real Estalker blog

"They find out how large the home is, how many toilets, how many commodes," said Evans.  "You know, kind of the over the top stuff that we all kind of go, 'oh my God, isn't that terrible.'"

On the site, you can see pictures of the inside of Lebron James' Miami home.

"I think we're just beginning," said Evans. "I think we're just scratching the surface."

If you can't afford the million-dollar home, at least you can be a mouse click away from dreaming about it.

"Maybe its better just to look and dream about it and look at house porn and the celebrities," said Evans.  "And let them have all the big homes and I think maybe it would be better for us in the long run."

Check out some of the "house porn" we've found by visiting our Open House blog. Click here to see videos and galleries of high-end real estate.

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