A Bright Start for Nova

“My cooking is punch-you-in-the-mouth flavors.”

What do Charlton Heston, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Dairy Queen have in common?

The answer is in Oak Cliff, at a new restaurant serving up a healthy side of pop culture history with its delicious food.

Nova’s name and concept is inspired from the cult classic “Planet Of The Apes.”

"We came up with Nova after the name of the girl in 'Planet Of The Apes' -- Charlton Heston's girlfriend. That's where it came from," said owner Darren Scott.

Housed in a mid-century modern building that was once a Dairy Queen (according to Scott, musician Stevie Ray Vaughn once worked there), Nova isn’t all kitsch.

Chef Kelly Hightower’s thoughtful menu of small plates of internationally influenced entrees doesn’t disappoint. He keeps it simple, letting bold flavors do their thing.

"I'm not a big foo-foo kind of guy with the foo-foo presentation," he said. "We don't try to be too fancy here."

Hightower’s food isn’t fussy, but it certainly is good. His Greek island fish stew, roasted garlic hummus and blowtorch salmon glazed with sour yuzu miso are a few standout dishes.

The Jamaican beer can chicken rubbed with jerk spice, farm fresh egg and applewood smoked bacon and fontina cheese pizza are a couple of other entrees worth a tasty try.

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1417 West Davis
Dallas, Texas 75208

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