A $300,000 Misunderstanding?

Robert "Bob" Sambol is the Bob in Bob's Steak and Chop House. Lee Thompson is his friend -- at least he was until Sambol allegedly stole $300,000 from him in a business deal gone bad.

On Thursday, Sambol was indicted on charges of theft, but "Bob" says, "This whole this has been blown out of proportion."

Sambol told D Magazine's SideDish blog that Thompson had given him the $300,000 to expand the business by building a cigar bar. Now, he claims, "The guy got angry and he wants his money and I don’t have the money to pay it back."

Thompson's attorneys say Sambol's real problem is "gambling" and "an extravagant lifestyle." Here's the full statement:

Mr. Thompson is saddened by the indictment of Bob Sambol. Mr. Thompson and Mr. Sambol were friends for many years. Mr. Sambol traded on this friendship and created the false pretense of a business deal to take $300,000 from Mr. Thompson. Even after the ruse was discovered and Mr. Sambol refused to return the money, Mr. Thompson tried to help his friend. Upon learning of Mr. Sambol's numerous debts and suspected gambling problems, Mr. Thompson arranged for multiple professionals to assist Mr. Sambol with his financial situation, at no cost to Mr. Sambol. Mr. Sambol refused this help. After more than a year of Mr. Sambol's excuses and false promises, the District Attorney's Office chose to refer this case to a Dallas County Grand Jury. Despite Mr. Sambol's numerous debts and obligations, he continues to cling to an extravagant lifestyle including membership at the exclusive Dallas National Golf Club.

Apparently, this issue has been going on for a year, leading us to believe there has to be some misunderstanding.

If Sambol has really done what he's accused of, it shouldn't have taken a year for him to be indicted, right? We think this story is going to get a lot more complicated before all is said and done...

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